Junior Watersport

Junior Watersport

Junior Watersport

Junior Watersport Training is for +8-14 years old kids (+6 years with an adult). The training class include a mix of different types of watersport like Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle surf, Kayak, and Parkour on the water. The kids will learn about the weather and safety on the water.

The key learnings will be to handle the different types of watersport by having fun, and become dedicated into watersport in general. Doing watersport requires a lot of self-disciplin and responsibility which is two main competences that they will gain. It also develop the skill to get an overview and overcome the most difficult challenges.

All children are taught about or are made aware of climate change and they recognise that the oceans are a big part of this. If they are able to get on the water, either sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or even swimming they will learn to appreciate what it is all about. They will see the lovely clear bits of water being ruined by bits of plastic and other litter and the same goes for the beaches.

Watersports tend to be a case of people controlling their own piece of equipment and if they do it in a confined area such as the shallow sheltered lagoon as our locations at Frederiksdal Fribad and Svanemølle Beach where they will feel safe, succeed, and have fun so it will be a massive confidence boost. There are many children who, for various reasons, have not been team players but once they are on the water and moving they are then happy to be involved with others and eventually build that camaraderie that will then follow them through in to school and help them grow as individuals.

Watersports can be as energetic or as relaxed as you want to make it. For a lot of youngsters that first step away from a device can be quite intimidating and if their fitness level is not great they will  probably not be that keen. However all tuition is at a steady pace and so in no time they will begin to feel better, their strength will grow and as they get better and better they will then start to challenge themselves and want to practice more and more and get better and better. I have seen many young sloths turn in to really keen watersports people. Once they have developed their new found skills and are keen to carry on it is not necessary to rush out and purchase very expensive equipment. As they grow and improve you will need to change it so you are best joining them as a member of a club like ours.
In this way they will be mixing with other youngsters who have a similar interest and also be able to keep in touch with instructors who will keep encouraging them. This way they will not be spending weekends and school holidays hanging out where they should not be but will be active, in the fresh air, and possibly they will then go on to be instructors themselves. A good qualification to have for the future whether it be for weekend work while they go through college and university, for working abroad on a gap year or a career for the future.

The benefits

  • Have fun and relaxed mindset
  • Learn about tides and currents
  • Learn about weather and the effects of it
  • Grow strength and self-confidence
  • Pulminare dosis gravida
  • Physical Fitness

Event Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    04:30 pm - 06:00 pm


  • Thursday

    04:30 pm - 06:00 pm

    Anissa & Morten