Windsurfing is one of the most difficult watersports to learn because it requires so much balance skills, season is short but if you’re looking to improve your performance and increase your confidence, take advantage of colder waters and use your training time wisely, you should definitely join this training class. 

Windsurfing works your core muscles as you balance on the board. You use your entire body to maneuver the sail rigging and steer, so you work your arms, back and legs as you sail. The constant adjustment of balance to your core ensures that it's constantly engaged and working!

To take your first steps in learning how to windsurf you usually go to a spot where there is flat water and light constant winds like Svanemølle Bay.

Obviously all sports end up being good for fitness. Some are more focused on cardiovascular performance whereas others will require more strength instead. Some are rely on endurance and others are centred around bursts of energy. Windsurfing has all of these and the great thing is that the intensity varies along with your level.

As soon as you are up on the board and advancing the first few meters you understand why this challenging activity is such a great sport. The feeling is so very different to any other out there. And once you experience planing for the first time… you are hooked my friend!

The benefits

  • Improve your balance
  • Better circulation
  • Increased core muscles
  • Improve coordination
  • Learn wind and weather conditions