Privacy Policy

Watersports Denmark recognize and respects the right to personal data protection for all individuals. Watersports Denmark is committed to protecting our customers, employees and business partners’ personal data. Please take the time to read this privacy notice, as it provides information about the personal data that Watersports Denmark may collect and how it is processed.

All articles stated in this privacy notice refer to Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.


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Websites owned or operated by Watersports Denmark may require you to enter personal data in order to use the websites’ functionalities. The categories of personal data, the purpose of the processing, and whether the disclosure of personal data is mandatory or voluntary, is stated by independent terms that are associated with the functionality. Certain functionalities may not work, if you choose not to provide your personal data, such as the recruitment system.

Additionally, Watersports Denmark collects personal data in connection with your visit to Watersports Denmark websites including IP address, geographic location, time of visit, browser type, language, operating system, screen resolution and information about other websites you have visited before Watersports Denmark websites through cookies.

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is article 6 (1)(f), as it is a legitimate interest of Watersports Denmark to improve the user experience of visitors’ equipment and location, and to personalize the content of the websites. Please visit our Cookie Policy for further information.

The personal data is collected from you directly, and through third-party cookies.

Please note that websites owned by Watersports Denmark may allow you to link to other websites that are not controlled by Watersports Denmark. Watersports Denmark is not responsible for the content of these sites, including any privacy notices.


Watersports Denmark uses social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo, to reach and communicate with target groups, such as customers, potential employees, partners, decision makers and the general public. The purpose is to strengthen Watersports Denmark's position as a consultant, expert and as a takeholder in the public agenda.

Watersports Denmark may process personal data that you have made available through social media including your interactions with Watersports Denmark on these channels.

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is article 6 (1)(f), as it is a legitimate interest of Watersports Denmark to reach and communicate with target groups on social media by producing content and marketing based on followers and interactions on these platforms.

The personal data is collected from you directly, and through social media.

Photo and video

When registering for our services, it is pointed out that video and photo material made during camps, courses, lessons, and other activities can be used in connection with future campaigns and visual information related to Watersports Denmark or domains below. If you as a participant, or parents of a participant, do not wish to participate, please / at least 14 days before the course / camp start send a statement on this at


Watersports Denmark processes personal data in connection with your subscription to our newsletters via Mailchimp in order for us to send you news stories, invitations, marketing and other information regarding our consultancy services and about Watersports Denmark in general. This personal data may include name, email, interest areas and other information you may have provided in connection with your subscription.

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is article 6 (1)(a), and is therefore based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Watersports Denmark according to section 1, or by using the unsubscribe link in any newsletter you may have received.


As a data subject, you may file an information request from Watersports Denmark. In relation to the information request, Watersports Denmark may need your personal data such as name, address, email, phone number and other data in order to respond and locate the information requested. The data may also be used by Watersports Denmark to verify your identity. The personal data enables Watersports Denmark to comply with our legal obligations.

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is article 6 (1)(c), which relates to the processing necessary to comply with a legal obligation to which Watersports Denmark is subject.


Watersports Denmark may transfer personal data to third party


Watersports Denmark receives payment through nemtilmeld where VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard can be used. The payment will be deducted at the same time as the order is placed. All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and incl. VAT. Prices are subject to price errors and sold out / discontinued items.


Watersports Denmark provides various services within the company: courses, camps, events and rentals. The settlement conditions vary accordingly to the service.

Windsurf and kitesurf courses are covered by a wind guarantee - we know that the wind can go up and down and we can't do that much - neither can you. Therefore, of course you will not waste your booking if the weather does not allow the activity you have chosen. The wind guarantee applies if we consider that the conditions on the desired day will not work for the chosen activity. It is always our calling whether the weather will work or not.

Changing conditions during the course can also occur and here it is always the instructor's call whether or not to stop. The first full hour is always settled and the remaining time can either be transferred to a new date by appointment or refunded if desired. Example: A 5 hour course is booked, but only 2.5 hours can be run. 2.5 hours can be transferred to a new date or half of the course amount is refundable.

In courses where it is desired to use our own equipment, we always reserve the right to refuse to use the equipment if we believe it is not safe. Safety is always the first priority and we refuse, for example, to teach with kite equipment that is 10 years old, as safety has improved significantly on new equipment.

Upon enrollment, the parent or guardian must disclose special needs, including diet, allergies, and illnesses / diagnoses. We reserve the right to refuse enrollments based on special needs that we cannot meet, whether due to practical reasons or lack of professional or educational staff.

Parents or guardians are required to provide the above information fully and correctly in connection with registration. If we find that the above information is incorrect, we may expel the participant immediately without refunding.

NOTE! Camps are not covered by a wind guarantee as they run over several days and contain many different activities that can be carried out in all weather conditions. Nor do we cancel a camp during deviation.

All rental is usually based on what is agreed between the partners. As a rule, a rental cannot be canceled or stopped during settlement. It is always the tenant's own responsibility to control whether the weather conditions fit the chosen discipline. Remember to read the rental policy here.

Insurance and liability

When attending a course, it is always the customer's own insurance policies. Watersports Denmark are therefor not responsible for the individual participant. Participants should therefore be aware that their accident insurance covers, for example, kite surfing, as some insurance companies still consider extreme sports, and this is therefore an addition to your insurance.

Participants should also read and accept the Danish Sailing Union's standard registration for kite surfing lessons. We reserve the right to reject a student for participation if it is considered that the participant is not at the beach to attend the course.

When attending camp, it is always the buyer's own insurance policies. This applies both in case of injury, lost property and the like.

For participants under the age of 18, the parent / guardian must accept and sign the standard registration for camps.

Please note that participants are to some extent supervised, but that our camps are not held in a closed area. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with instructions from the staff instructors.

Rental without a course or instructor attached is at your own risk. All rental of water sports equipment includes a swim vest, which is compulsory to carry, cf. the Order on life jackets in smaller vessels. In the event of theft, damage or other loss of rented equipment, the tenant is at all times responsible for covering lost or damaged equipment.

Cancellation Policy

As a rule, 14 days full return policy is given on all reservations. The right of withdrawal varies from benefit to benefit and here again is distinguished between courses, camps and rental. The cancellation policies of each service always overwrite the general 14 day cancellation policy. You can read about special conditions below:

When you book a course you reserve the desired time for a period and therefore you block other bookings. If you are prevented from meeting your booking, please notify us as soon as you can so that we can fill others in your place. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the course, we reserve the right to claim 50% of the course price in the instructor's fee. No-show costs 100% of the price of the course - it is a fee we use immensely, and we hope you will respect that our instructors often come a long way to teach. We reserve the right to cancel and rebook in relation to weather conditions, see delivery and settlement.

When you book a camp, you pay the full amount when booking. If the camp is canceled less than 30 days before the start of the camp, the full amount will be charged.

If the camp is booked less than 30 days before the camp, there is no right of withdrawal. We reserve the right to cancel a camp no later than 30 days prior to camp start, provided it is considered that there are too few participants. In this case, you will be able to reimburse the entire fee, or apply the amount to one of our other services.

In the case of watersport that requires wind i.e. windsurf and kitesurf. If the wind fails at any watersports camp, there is no possibility of refunding or rebooking all or part of the camp amount.

You can cancel your reservation no later than 24 hours before the rental and have the full amount refunded. This rule applies to all rentals except the rental of RIB boat, sauna and wilderness bath. Here you can have the full amount refunded at least 14 days before the rental. Bookings made less than 14 days prior to rental are therefore not subject to 14 days cancellation right.

If you wish to cancel, please write an email at


If you wish to complain about the processing of your personal data, please contact Watersports Denmark according to section 1.

You may also file a complaint to the national supervisory authority. The national supervisory authority responsible for Watersports Denmark is Datatilsynet (The Danish Data Protection Agency), Denmark.